Volunteer Positions


    The Northern Nevada Human Resources Association is comprised of a broad membership of business leaders and professionals. We are an organization founded by hard working, dedicated volunteers. We believe that our volunteer workforce makes us strong, agile, and a significant contributor to our community.

    As a volunteer, you collaborate with some of the regions finest minds. Your unique contributions help shape the steady advancement of the organization. Within our ranks of diverse industries and disciplines, your knowledge, creativity, relationships and professional development will soar. In this distinctive, volunteer environment, you are welcomed, accepted, and free to grow.

    Here are some of our volunteer positions. Take a look!

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    OFFICERS: 1 year term


    The President is at the forefront of all NNHRA matters. Each new President provides leadership from a fresh perspective and brings a different style. This allows the Chapter to be regularly rejuvenated in our intentions. The President leads the meetings and has charge and supervision of the affairs and business of the Chapter; subject to the ultimate management authority of the Board of Directors. The President acts as a liaison with the State Council and must be a current member in good standing of SHRM throughout the duration of office.

    (3 year commitment; 1 term as President, 1 as President-Elect, and 1 as Past President)


    The President-Elect spends their term in preparation for the subsequent term as President. At the request of the President, or in their absence or disability, they may perform any of the duties of the President. The President-Elect serves as an ex-officio member of the Program Committee, and is encouraged to attend the annual SHRM Leadership Conference.

    (3 year commitment; 1 term as President, 1 as President-Elect, and 1 as Past President)

    Past President

    In the third year on the Board, the Past President serves as an invaluable advisor to the President.

    (3 year commitment; 1 term as President, 1 as President-Elect, and 1 as Past President)


    The Treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the Chapter. This position offers the opportunity to contribute, as well as, develop your accounting competencies. These responsibilities include: financial reports to the Board, annual audits, membership billing, and custody and disbursement of all funds; subject to the control and review of the Board. This position also provides the opportunity to interface with members as they check-in at NNHRA breakfast meetings.


    The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings of the Chapter, and maintains other records and documentation. If you don’t mind keeping up with what everyone is saying, and sending out regular emails updating the board with recent discussions, this may be a good place for you to be involved.

    Vice President of Membership

    Do you enjoy making people feel included? Would you like to see the NNHRA membership grow? This positon may be a good fit. The Membership Committee is responsible for sourcing and supporting new members. This is done by holding membership drives, attending networking events to pitch for NNHRA, greeting new members at meetings and sending welcome letters. This committee also contacts current membership by making phone calls to engage participation, and provides incentives for new member referrals during membership drives.

    Vice President of Programs

    The VP of Programming ensures a strategic direction for programs & professional development.  They oversee all NNHRA programming, share membership survey information with program chairs, and help coordinate all programming.  This involves working and helping the Reno/Carson Program Chairs, the Diversity Chair, the YPN Chair, the Professional Development Chair, and anyone else organizing a NNHRA program.


    Best Places to Work

    This committee manages NNHRA’s Best places to Work Program. The active season for the committee is October through May. The Best places to Work program supports the organizational emphasis on equipping companies to become Best Places to work. This committee is responsible to obtain sponsors, identify survey vendors, coordinate and track nominations and surveys, and track and communicate survey results. They also ascertain a benefactor, secure the venue, and manage the various promotion and production details of the awards ceremony. If you like to manage details, and enjoy working in a high-energy group, this committee may be perfect.


    Certification symbolizes mastery of the Human Resources body of knowledge. The Certification Committee assists members in achieving professional certification from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  The committee provides information, materials, and facilitates study groups.

    College Relations

    The College Relations Committee serves future HR professionals by assisting the student chapter with speakers, promoting student chapter activities and encouraging attendance at NNHRA activities, events and monthly meetings.  The Committee sponsors a Mock Trial each year covering relevant employment law cases. They provide a link between student chapters and SHRM’s Student Program Manager in disseminating information relative to student programs, scholarships, certification, and student conferences. The College Relations Committee encourages participation of the student chapter in the HR Games on the state and regional level, and promotes the $1,000 scholarship that is available to freshman, sophomores and juniors at local Universities.


    The Diversity Committee is responsible for carrying out the Chapter’s Diversity Initiative efforts. Diversity is not just male, female or race. We now have 5 generations employed in our workforce, all motivated and driven differently.  We have transgender employees in our workforces and multiple religious accommodations to consider.  How we train, communicate and motivate the diverse people in our companies is essential to retention and top performance. This committee is committed to developing initiatives that foster an environment of inclusion, where diversity is integrated and embraced.

    Legislative Affairs

    Legislative Affairs monitors and evaluates pending legislative, regulatory and legal action at the federal, state, and local level that may have an impact on the management of human resources.  They present legislative reports and updates to the chapter president and fellow chapter members.  They work in close cooperation with the State Public Affairs Director and the Senior Associate, State Affairs at SHRM headquarters in carrying out these responsibilities.

    Professional Development

    Professional Development collaborates with the VP of Programs to manage activities identifying and scheduling seminars, workshops and other educational opportunities. They identify relevant topics, and select speakers and venues for periodic seminar and workshops. They are an active participant in the development and implementation of short-term and long-term strategic planning for the chapter.


    Programs are an integral component of the NNHRA membership meetings. The Programs committee identifies and schedules interesting and informative speakers to provide the latest legal, administrative and strategic information for members. They strive to deliver information in a comprehensive, entertaining, useful and innovative manner, so that the growing membership is educated with the latest resources available in human resources. This includes Chapter announcements, introduction of guests, and arranging the legal update at each Chapter meeting.

    Publicity | Communication

    Do you have a knack for writing and editing? Are you familiar with Social Media? Do you enjoy promotion? This committee works with NNHRA to promote Events and meetings, is available to assist with design of communication materials, and serves as a strategic partner in day-to-day activities. This committee offers guidance regarding communication standards for NNHRA, and ensures website content is current, presented professionally, and functioning correctly. This committee coordinates the submissions and selection of authors for the annual HR and Employment guide, edits content and directs design of the publication.

    SHRM Foundation

    This committee represents the interests of the SHRM Foundation and its activities within the Chapter.  They educate the Chapter regarding the purpose and ongoing activities of the SHRM Foundation and encourage financial contributions. The research and scholarships provided through the Foundation are vital to the development of the human resources profession.

    Workforce Readiness

    The Workforce Readiness Committee works to provide resources to prepare, train and connect Nevada job seekers with Nevada employers.  This committee maintains a webpage that provides a comprehensive list of resources available to both job seekers and employers in the State of Nevada. Their vision is to reduce Nevada’s unemployment rate while helping Nevadans prepare for their career or become work-ready. They serve employers by identifying local, prepared candidates. Learn more about this committee at http://nvstatecouncil.shrm.org/workforce-readiness.

    Carson Area Committee

    This Committee is comprised of Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer and Membership. A rapidly developing group, they share responsibilities for the development of the overall Carson Area strategy, leadership, and volunteers. The Chair is primary liaison with the NNHRA board. The Chair presides at meeting and is responsible for securing the speakers, holding regular meetings throughout the year, securing meeting sponsors as well as a venue for events.

    Young Professionals Committee

    Let’s make HR cool and captivating! The YP Committee is charged with coordinating compelling and exciting events to attract and engage recent graduates and those new to the HR field. Working closely with College Relations and local young professional groups, the NNHRA YP Committee is dedicated to ensuring our membership continues to grow and provides fun and fresh events and resources to our youngest and newest members. These resources include education on HR issues, opportunities for networking, information on certification options, and a mentorship program to learn from senior HR professionals in our organization. Join us for a Quarterly Happy Hour Committee Meeting to learn more and get involved!

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