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    Welcome to NNHRA's HR Resources & Job Posting Area. Here you will find various tools and information for job seekers, employers, and view job postings. Keep reading to learn more...

    Workforce Readiness

    The Workforce Readiness Committee is a vital resource for NNHRA. Our vision is to reduce Nevada’s unemployment rate by helping Nevadans prepare for their desired career and become work-ready. The Workforce Readiness Committee serves employers by providing resources for training, internship and hiring assistance from state, higher education and non-profit organizations. For more information, visit our Workforce Readiness page!

    Job Postings

    Do you have a position to fill in your organization? One great perk about being an NNHRA Member is that you are able to post your job openings to our NNHRA Job Board, for FREE. If you are an active NNHRA member and would like to submit a job posting, please visit! is a community-wide initiative to recruit amazing, talented people that enjoy a vibrant community with a huge variety of activities, to our beautiful home, Reno, Nevada. There is a brand-new life waiting for you with thousands of job positions available. Reno is a great community where you can enjoy an active lifestyle, build your career, and not break the bank. For more information, visit us at!