NNHRA's November Virtual Meeting: "Talking 'Til You're Blue? Strategies for Handling Difficult Conversations"

    November 11, 2020
    8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
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    "Talking 'Til You're Blue? Strategies for Handling Difficult Conversations"

    Whether sharing bad news with a client, delivering constructive feedback to a team member, or talking with a colleague about an uncomfortable issue, difficult conversations are a regular part of our professional lives and often take a large mental and emotional toll.  Many of us may avoid difficult conversations for these reasons, or we may find ourselves ill prepared when we try to have them. Without the skills to successfully navigate these challenging, yet inevitable, moments, our performance and our business results may suffer. 

    During this workshop, you will learn concrete tools for managing these tough conversations in a way that improves both your results and your relationships, even in high-stakes situations and with “difficult people. We will explore a framework that helps us understand why some conversations are just so darn hard (and why we are not alone in wanting to avoid them!).

    And you will walk away with greater confidence and capacity to handle even the most daunting dialogues, resolve misunderstandings, and turn conflicts in to creative opportunities.


    • Gain greater understanding about what makes some conversations “difficult.”
    • Demystify the mental process that often leads to breakdowns in communication and that may leave us feeling stuck and struggling to respond.
    • Utilize key techniques for regaining control of our thoughts and emotions, thereby opening the door to more options for action.
    • Learn to recognize signs that a conversation is become “crucial.”
    • Explore helpful communication strategies that will help you maintain calm confidence and build understanding and common ground with the other person.



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    Speaker Introduction

    Veronica Frenkel, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
    Certified Executive & Professional Coach
    President, Pathways Consulting

    [email protected]

    Veronica Frenkel is known by her clients as the Boss Whisperer.  As President of Pathways Consulting, a Reno-based leadership coaching and training company, Veronica passionately helps businesses retain and unleash the talents of their best people and accelerate team innovation and results by thoughtfully moving managers from command-and-control management to inspire-and-engage leadership.  A certified Executive and professional coach and leadership trainer with an authentic, accessible style, Veronica has an uncanny ability to build the people skills, interpersonal communication, and confidence of leaders at all levels, and she has a passion for working with front-line and newly-promoted managers whose success invariably drives organizational outcomes.  Veronica also brings her 20+ years of experience delivering high-impact, inspirational workshops and fearless, skilled facilitation to organizations that want to leverage teamwork and diversity, manage change, refresh their strategy, unleash innovation, and jump-start their results. 

    Veronica holds an MA in Human Resources Management from Webster University, and has held the SPHR designation since 2009 and the SHRM-SCP qualification sinc3 2016.  She also possesses certifications in Executive Coaching, Crucial Conversations, Power/Influence Coaching, Social Justice and Diversity Education, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, and John Maxwell Leadership, among several others. A tri-lingual Chilean-American who has been blessed to live and work around the world, she is thrilled to live in Reno, Nevada with her husband, Patrick, and their menagerie of four-legged family members.

     Learn more at www.veronicafrenkel.com.


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